Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 is here ......

First post for the new year, you think it would be witty and have lots of insight ......... err nope!

We finished off last year by taking the dogs for a walk at 11pm, great exercise, I even walked one with my left hand instead, it was about 3.8 kms in 50 minutes, sure there was some calories burnt which is good because I went well and truly over my calories yesterday : I thought of all days how can you be restricted on New Years Eve, no one would begrudge me a spurge on New Years Eve right? That is except me, I can't stop thinking about it. And even with the walk in the morning of 1.6 kms and last nights walk of 3.8km, its not going to make up for the CRAP I ate yesterday, and that was before I even got on the train to come home from work at 2pm!

So today I started my morning off with 2 scrambled eggs and a slice of multi grain toast with a scraping of canola marg. I am on my second cup of coffee but for me that's not bad at all, considering it will probably be my last for the day too. I have started to cut down on the coffee intake as this is only so much liquid one human can drink, I need to make time and room for the water. So I have found that after leaving for work I don't have another coffee, when at home it appears that I am a 2-3 cup in the morning then that's it. I was a 10-15 cup a day gal so I'm proud of me :)

I was re-reading the post that I put up about the Biggest Loser Comp in my home and the prizes, scratch that one, the 'joke' prize didn't make sense to me when I went back over it. So will have to put my head down and think of something that we both want so bad that we will work hard for it.

I have also done some experimenting in my home in the last couple of days trying to make/imitate the H2Go Boysenberry flavoured water .................... not with much success. Anyone got any ideas? I have brought boysenberries and just put some in the bottle with no flavour effect, then thought of boiling them so that it makes like a syrup (didn't add any sugar though) and even though it smells strong, as soon as you put it in the water .................. nothing! So open to ideas please.

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