Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am soo angry

Today I have had news that a good friend of mine from work was beaten up on Monday night. That's not all but the story is long.

1)She moved over to our State after leaving her abusive husband
2)The guys she moved here for 'A' turns out to be really insecure and leaves
3)She starts talking to some guy on chat room 'B' and goes out to dinner a few times with one guy
4)She does sleep with 'B' but decides that she likes 'A' 2 and gets back with him
5)'B' can't leave it alone and starts to stalk her, she reports him to the police when he turns up on her door step late at night - he is warned my the police to leave her alone
6)'B' turns up again and is chased and arrested by the police and she receives a restraining order on him
7)'A' is then found to be communicating with his ex so she tells him to think about what he wants and then call her
8)'B' then turns up on Monday night at 4.30am and beats her up and rapes her!
9)'A' comes back to stay the night after this happens and when he leaves she doesn't know what to do
10)'B' has been caught and arrested but is released on bail
11)'A' receives a strange text message so goes back to the unit to find my friend has tried to commit suicide
12)She is now in hospital but about to be released to go home where she lives alone and all of her family is in another State. Her sister is trying to get here asap to be with her but she is scared that 'B' will come back. 'A' will stay tonight but after that she is unsure as they are no longer together. I want her to move but she tells me she can't afford it but even if she stays at my house I will be happy at least. We live on opposite sides of the city and I don't have a car at the moment. I just want to strangle both 'A' & 'B' ans well as her. She never really healed from her abusive husband and jumped straight into another warped relationship.

I am so scared for her, I just don't know what to do for her. I wish that her family could be here to help instead of this guy who really broke her heart twice within 5 months. But then why do I also make other peoples problems my own. I hate to think that she brought it on herself but with the way she has been in the chat rooms and also meeting with these guys I just don't know what to think however I do know that NO means NO.

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Kristy said...

That's awful Sue.

I too am trying to help family and friends and I understand completly what you are going through. Only last night my sister was telling my mother she should do the same thing as Heath Ledger... What do you say to things like that... She is sucha dram queen and does it all the time... You never know if she is serious or not...

Take care Sue