Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the good news is

Well it's 4.30am and I'm awake. I've been awake since 3.30am because I awoke via a bad dream and not the ache in my hand! Miracles do happen. I had to test my hand twice to believe it when I awoke. *stretches out hand*

No soreness in the hand but a bit achy in the forarm which is to be expected since he massaged it to an inch of the bone I'm sure cause it hurt like hell. But if that's from only what 12 hours ago, imagine what it will feel like after next weeks session? Fantastic. I will then be able to get my typing and data entry speed back up, move on for this customer based role onto something that involves no customers and no call centres hopefully.

Thanks again Kerryn for recommending that I see someone like an osteopath.


Kek said...

Glad you gave it a go - and you should have realised from my blog that....uh... osteo visits aren't exactly a picnic. The results are well worth a bit of pain though, so good on you for getting through it.

It's great that you're already seeing improvements - keep in mind that it can be a long road to full recovery though, and that you will most likely have to modify a few activities AND do some strengthening exercises for weak muscles to maintain it.

You're welcome for the advice - I know how much of a drag the constant pain is!

And see - it definitely wasn't all in your mind.... it was in your arm after all!

twondra said...

I'm glad you feel better!!!