Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I have really surprised myself today, I ate relatively good. Breakfast, even though I didn't feel like anything was watermelon! I only had 1 coffee this morning also, small wonders :) Then for my meal break/lunch 10 minutes, I had a cheese sandwich and a cup of soup. When I left work I walked a different way to the station and although I missed on seeing McDonald, Hungry Jacks, KFC and a couple of other fast food places, the other way gave me more like cafes and a place that I have never heard of called The House of Fries or something like that anyway. I was strong and continued to walk. I got to the station and ate my banana that I brought from 7-11 for $1.20, which is a rip off considering that they are only $.78cents a kilo at the moment. Tell me is anyone else having trouble peeling the banana's at the moment? They seem to be made of steel at the moment, today I have to bite the top off to start to peel the darn thing the skin is so thick. It had a big bruise on the outside but because the skin was so thick, it was fine on the inside??

We have continued to walk each night with the dogs approx 5 kms a night. Its doing us both some good, it heaps with the relationship also, you have to communicate or you will be bored silly. Tomorrow's food will me my left over Caesar Salad and the 1 sausage that was left (I cut it up) but I won't be eating it alone as I have been sharing my food with a chick at work who never seems to bring food, she doesn't think she needs to eat since she smokes in her breaks. She has dropped 26 kilos in doing this but we all know eventually she will get really sick so whilst she is happy to share my lunch I'll take a little extra to make sure it does us both. I'd rather spend a little more and know that I am helping someone even if they don't realise it. I have already had a big thank you from her new partner for making her eat something.


Kristy said...

Hey Sue

Your starting the year really well, which I'm really happy for you. Well done on passing up the fast food temptation. I just think about how I feel afterwards and often it stops me.

Take care

twondra said...

Good job on passing up the fast food! You're stronger than I am. :) Wish I had your strength.

Kek said...

Is that a new celebrity diet? The cigarette diet?

Good work Sue - you've made a great start.

We're doing evening walks at the moment too - it's nice to chat and spend some time together (and not be sitting on your arse on the couch).