Friday, January 11, 2008

Osteopath .................

So after Kerryn suggested that I try an Osteopath I gave it a go. I must at admit that when I walked in the door I thought, mmmmmmmm what an interesting odour? and not in a good way but it grew on me. I sat there waiting to see someone and low and behold this giant emerged from the treating room. I was a little worried when he called me in :\

After telling him about my symptoms and making sure what I was telling him made sense to at least him, which it did, he started.

Now no one told me about the pain I was going to feel ............... all over my body! It was more work than a work out with the "press your legs as hard as you can this way" and "that way" and the "does this hurt? How much?" My God, there was a kid screaming outside and he said, "someones getting murdered out there", my reply "someones getting murdered in here!"

So eventually the pain session, oops I meant session was finished, he wants to see me again next week and doesn't promise to fix me but he will give it a good go. I left there all red and blotchy from the pressing and stretching and didn't realise that my muscles even hurt until he pointed it out with those pointy fingers of his.

Thanks Kerryn again for all your help and support even when not about my sad attempt to diet and exercise :)

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