Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am having a crappola day today. I had to see the hand surgeon for the first time today and what did he find? NOTHING! That's what. I can't believe it. I can tell you that my wrist does get sore, my hand also gets sore but after is pushing and prodding he comes up with nothing! He then has the gale to advise me not to have people label me with RSI as it has been shown to be "all in the mind"................... so what is he saying? Am I lying? Do I not feel pain where sometimes I can't even turn on a tap? What the hell happens now? I just resign to the fact that it's in my mind and forget about the physical pain? Just get on with life, go back to lifting weights, walking the dogs with my right hand, cracking nuts, needlework, even though I know that all of these things cause me pain?

I feel really stupid. What will work say about this, will they think that I have been faking it all this time? I still feel pain, just obviously not enough for the surgeon. I feel like I have got my back up now. I feel like I should just ignore the pain and go back to doing everything I was doing before this injury and hope that it doesn't flare up even though I know that it will.

I felt so bad that when I got back to the train station to come home, I got junk out of the machines on the platform and I ATE IT!


Kek said...

Your surgeon is a wanker. BULLSHIT it's all in the mind. God, what bloody quack medical school did he go to?

I would love one of these blokes to actually get OOS (which is the correct term, BTW - occupational overuse syndrome) and see how much they carry on and demand treatment and answers.

Relax Sue, it's a recognised medical condition, and a common source of workers comp claims. You have nothing to worry about.

Man, I'd like to kick his arse...

Kek said...

Oh, and do you have a good GP? Ask them for a referral to a good osteopath - you can get 5 (? I think it's 5) visits a year on Medicare with a doc's referral, then the gap is only about $8 a visit.

I'll give you my osteo's phone number if you like, she's a gem - and not a long trip for you.

twondra said...

Awww, sweetie, I'm sorry. I would get a second opinion. I'm a strong believer in second opinions. I had a problem with my ankle and had an MRI. They told me I had a stress fracture. I wore a walking boot. It never got better and they just told me to give it time. I ended up wearing it for 4 months and got fed up. I saw another doctor who said I didn't have a stress fracture and that a piece of cartilage was in the joint and I needed surgery. Now, I feel great....that's all it took.

So, please get a second opinion, hon. :) Keep us posted!