Monday, January 14, 2008

Emotional eating

You know not that long ago Kristy was writing about emotional eating and I never really thought that I was one of them but a few things have happened this week to show me that I am indeed an emotional eater.

I had gone to the hand surgeon who told me my injury was in my head so I raided the snack machine at the train station on the way home, I went to a baby shower and stuffed everything into my mouth that I knew I shouldn't and today we lost a really old and dear friend to a rare form of cancer and the thing I wanted to do most besides from cry from shock that she's gone was stuff my face with chocolate and popcorn.

It's crazy, it's not like I knew that she wouldn't go sooner or later, she had been living on borrowed time for some years now. After finding out and beating a brain tumor some years back she started preforming as therapy for herself and others to bring awareness to the illness that she suffered. Mary Doggett-Williams was a very warm and funny lady that took time to listen to you, it didn't matter that in the grand scheme of things that your problems were small compared to the issues she was facing, like death, nothing was too much for her to listen to. Don't get me wrong, she would call 'a spade a spade', that was the beauty of Auntie Mary, plain honest truth with compassion. The world is going to miss her greatly and so will I. Finally resting in peace.

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Kek said...

I'm sorry've had a rough few months. :o(