Sunday, January 06, 2008

This should be easy

Oh how sorry he is going to be :) Dazza is still drinking is Coke by the bucket load and smoking like there is no tomorrow, should be able to blow him out of the water real quick. The first signs of the cracks started last night. We went for a walk again and I asking him about weigh in day and how he expected to beat me if he is still doing his normal stuff, (I don't want him to be doing this just to pacify me, I want him to loose some weight and feel great) and he said don't worry I still weigh less than you! I told him I weighed in already because my weigh in with CK is on Saturdays and that I had already lost. Well he thinks that is so unfair that I started before him. Technically I didn't because I weighed in with him on the Tuesday the 1/1/08 and that is the weight we are challenging each other on. 3 days is not going to matter to him much since he hasn't changed anything except for a bit of exercise which he could walk allot faster at and the food that I dish up to him at night. During the day he doesn't eat which is no good either.

I find it funny that he is thinking of locking up the scales so that I can't weigh myself. Instead I changed my weigh in day on CK to Tuesdays also but he wants to wait now to next Saturday. He will forget all about it by the time he wakes up and cracks another Coke. He won't drink Coke Zero, but would prefer to go onto V, I told him it would have to be the sugar free version, I know that's not going to last.

But in the end I will be the healthy skinny one and he, he will remain cuddly.


Ronnie said...

Hi clarkie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 1.7kg is a fantastic loss for your first few days. I use CK as well. What's your user name. I try not to get too caught up in the forums too much though. Things can get a bit weird over there at times.

Debstar said...

Has he tried Pepsi Max? I don't like Zero either though I think if you stick with the low sugar stuff long enough you do lose the taste for Coke.
Hang in there Sue you're doing fine.

Debstar said...

I forgot to add that I'm doing the whole diet thing as of tomorrow. If your hubby doesn't provide enough challenge let me know, maybe we can motivate each other. Once I get my other blog going I'll let you know.

Actually I have looked at a the biggest losers club website. Was very interested until I realised it cost $99 for 3 months. I think I would rather pay Kek for the same info, though I've done it before on my own so we'll see how I go.