Saturday, January 05, 2008

One week down

So I got through my first week, not necessarily unscathed. I did fall off the wagon but tried to make sure I still managed to fit into my calorie intake. So maybe you wouldn't class it as falling off then? As my weigh in box shows I managed to lose 1.7kilos this week! Don't get me wrong I'm not silly enough to think that it was fat, I know it was water weight from all the water I have been trying to drink. Just goes to show that it does indeed work this drinking thing.

So what will next week bring??? More challenges?? I'm not sure but I think I am beginning to feel that I can say no to some things and still have my treats to fit in with the calories. My treats have consisted of Mini Microwave Popcorn - 25g bags at 100calories or a Paul's Extra Cream Ice Cream squares in 2 wafers with some of the boysenberries that I crushed up for the drink I was trying to make, also about 100calories.

We have been changing up our walking routine, with me getting out the map to make sure we are walking after enough. We didn't walk last night due to the heat but the night before walked over 6 kms, it was nice. We talked about our biggest loser challenge and I suggested that we bith think of a prize for each other up to the value of $250 dollars, Dazza wants it to be USD! But then thought mabe we could get some others to join in and we all put in either $50 -$100 each and whoever wins, gets the lot. Although we know a few people that are over weight, not many of them really give a rats about their weight so we really won't get anyone. So it will be just us I think.

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Kek said...

Some of the loss will be fat, Sue - and losing excess fluid is a good thing too, so give yourself some credit for a great job.

My favourite treats are always chocolate - I know that's not your thing. But maybe you can check the supermarket shelves for some lollies or licorice-based small treats that you can fit into your allowance?