Thursday, September 30, 2010

The damn scales

That's right, those damn scales have me figured out.

I had blogged earlier how I wanted my life back, to make it more simpler than what it has been in the last week. Well along with that also comes the food issue. I haven't given myself the time to think about food they way I should have. Its been 2 fried dim sims here and there, then yesterday was the kicker. 'The husband' asked for KFC, of course I gave him KFC. Then after my own doctors appointment for DNA cultures I called him to check if he wanted anything, he asked for KFC again. Again I fell for it and got KFC. Do you know how much I love their potato and gravy? Well I do. Too much.

So I have a hen's night on Saturday night and of course I want to look my best so may have to protein down and only eat protein for the next few days to lose those pesky pounds I just put back on. Although my dress is roomy I could just get away with it and do this the right way.

So this morning I have eaten 2 boiled eggs and 2 coffee's so far. I will not be eating the left over KFC or mashed potato and gravy.

I'm sitting her deciding what to blog about and I have this darn blow fly buzzing around. You know that summer is coming to town when the flies start back up again. I love summer but the flies do my head in. Gotta go and do some house work before going in to see the mother.


Lanie Painie said...

Get up and dance some of those calories of chica! You can do it! Move more move more!

Even then, a single serving of mashed potatoes with gravy is only 120 calories according to the KFC website so it's not as bad as one might think. Not the greatest choice, but not the worst either. Forgive yourself and stop asking hubby what he wants for dinner. lol

Chelle said...

Mmmm... KFC potatoes and gravy....

You know what will help melt away pounds is simply going for walks. That's all I do. I once read that part of the reason we are overweight compared to our ancestors is because are bodies have been designed through thousands of years of evolution to walk everywhere for everything. Our ancestors used to walk all day long in pursuit of food, whether it was to hunt or gather berries. Even adding 1,000 extra steps to your day will make a difference.

Honestly, that is how I lost the last of my pregnancy weight. Just by walking. I've picked it back up again recently because I've started to get "fluffy" again.

Besides just the calorie burning, walking is good for you all around. Good for your overall mental health, fertility, and all that jazz. :)