Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick update

Well, that must have been the quickest resolve I've had for a while.

It all fell into a great heap today with dad now collapsing and being taken to hospital in an ambulance. So had mum in ward A and dad in emergency. They are keeping him at least overnight and running some test. So now have to run back to mum and dad's measure up the bathroom and toilet for aids, for when they come home. They aren't young but they definitely not old either. Mum's 69 and dad's 75, they both still look after grand children and would also take on their great grand children if they had their way.

Anywho, I'm home now for a rest and then back in tomorrow, now where's that KFC


Polar's Mom said...

Shit I'm sorry. I hope everything is ok with your Dad!

Polar's Mom

Polar's Mom said...

How are you, is everything ok with your 'rents?

Polar's Mom

Chelle said...

Dang. Apparently your family just can't spend enough time in the hospital. :( I am so sorry to hear this Sue.

Hang in there sweetie. You're in my prayers.