Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So there has been a little re-jig so to speak.

I have changed the page background, learnt how to make a 'page' and set some goals *gulps*

I am no good at goal setting.

I don't like failure.

I don't like looking at my failure.

Or having others see my failures.

But there is no gain if I don't set them and try my damnest to stick to them.

I have added a box to the side with the amount of weight I would ideally like to lose before heading to the States for our treatment so please if I appear to be slipping, catch me and prop me back up, remind me of what I am trying to achieve.

Today I have a doctors appointment, had put it off for a month, not only financially but I know he is going to ask me how much weight I have lost since I saw him weeks ago. The answer is probably none. He had hoped for just a kilo per month until we leave, not to hard for most people, incredible for me, who doesn't like to give anything up expect my DREAM of a family.

Anyway, a new plan, I am buying what I can as organic, making better selections of the things I can't. Trying to keep away from ingredients that include numbers?? what vegetable does 220 come from anyway??

Taking some information found on my new friend Allan's page telling us all the mathematics behind weight loss, so I might just call it the 'Klein Project' and give it a go for a week to see my results. Must say I hate counting calories but obviously not counting calories hasn't gotten me very far!

So the start weight for this week is in pounds in honor of the American way = 209lbs

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Chelle said...

Best of luck with the weight loss! I hope you are better at it than I am. I just really want a cookie, but cookies can't stay off my butt after they have been eaten. Stupid cookies!

You can do this!