Monday, September 20, 2010

Is it that time already

I can't believe its time for me to go to work again, how can the weekend be over so quickly???

I will be working long hours again this week so luckily I have my food prepared, no slips this week.

I thought I would post a picture of a new flower in my garden, it only took about 2 years to flower and of course it only gave me 1 flower, there are a couple more buds on there, they may come out next year, that's how long it took for this bud to open.

Double Flowering Camellia
(Polar's Mum's request for info)


Polar's Mom said...

That is gorgeous-what kind of flower is it?

Polar's Mom

Chelle said...

Some things are just worth waiting for. How much more do you appreciate that flower now that you had to wait so long for it? I know I wouldn't be able to stop looking and smiling at it. Its gorgeous. Enjoy it. :)