Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the mend

So it appears everyone is on the mend.

'The husband' came home yesterday from the hospital. He said he could feel instantly the change to his heart rhythm which is great news.

Mum was moved to a ward yesterday afternoon. Actually the same ward as she was in back in December 2009 for a few weeks.

Which means I will soon have no excuse not to be back to normal with food/exercise.

On another good note, my niece works at a bank and had some nice new American currency come through and since our exchange rate was good, we brought our first $100 USD, its on the fridge at the moment, reminding us of what we are doing/planning/achieving.

Now it feels real to be actually going to the States to start our family.

Funny though, when I was at the hospital the other day, my sister in-law wanted to know what was happening with Facebook as she doesn't use it and doesn't know about it. She was upset that I was putting updates about mum on there 'for all the world to see', I had to school her on the use of Facebook as a means for me to update MY family and friends in mum's fight for life without having to receive 50 (slight exaggeration) per night to tell the same story, especially after being at the hospital all day and night. I couldn't believe that she could give me a hard time, in front of my mother, and she doesn't even know about Facebook and privacy settings. Not everyone in the world could see it, and even if they could, would they even care?? I say not.

Had it not been for everyone in the world seeing my blog, I would not have the opportunity to start a family with the embryo adoption from a family who did not know me, except from my blog. So as far as I am concerned, the internet and what it holds for me is priceless.

So back to me anyway, I need another coffee, oops I mean water .......


Chelle said...

So glad to hear your husband is doing well and your mom is doing better.

It sounds like your SIL needs to figure out what FB is and does. Does she realize how ignorant she sounds? And I agree with you, you should be able to update folks there, and even if people who don't know you see it, who cares? Its not like they are neighbors gawking in your window. Its not like you are gossiping. Tell her to get over herself.

She obviously has no idea just how wonderful the internet and blogging/FB can be. How much they can add to your life, and what a lifeline they are.

I can't wait for you to use that crispy $100 on your journey to becoming a mama!

Polar's Mom said...

YAY about your Mom and DH! Good news!!! Flies-not good news. Good news is there aren't many blow flys in the US. Better news is that $100 will feed you for a week+ here.

Family is around to make us remember why insanity exists. Don't worry, she'll catch on-don't let her ruffle your feathers.

Watching to make sure you get on with the loss lady! ;-) Keep up the good work!

Polar's Mom

Lanie Painie said...

All my life I've wanted to be in Australia and I've never even considered somebody from there might want to come here. I guess I've got a lot of reading to do to figure out why.

Don't burst my bubble man!