Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post 1 of 2 for the day ......The Challenge

Gosh that Allan has allot to blog about and now he has set down a challenge, who does he think is he?

He obviously thinks that there is more to me than he is already getting from my blog, don't know if this is right but we will give it a go like allot of his blog followers. I;m not one to back away from a challenge .......... or actually I am but I'm going to give this a chance.

I guess it gives us a chance to make a commitment to something other than thinking about food all the time. I just can't imagine that I could have anything to say that someone else might want to read about.

I guess I could start to tell you about the process my niece is about to undertake and my nephew would like to undertake with her.

My niece, we'll call her Ms M, she's going to get married in April next year. That's not the thing that I'm talking about though. Ms M is about to look into having either banding or gastic bypass done. I don't know which her specialist will recommend, I think she see's him very soon for the first consult. Her GP has advised her depending on what the specialist classes her as category 1 or 2 she could have the surgery done within 3 months or 12 months respectively. Both options will be for free as it is for medical reasons.

This is where I wonder what they class as medical.

Ms M has been overweight since forever. She is now 27 and since the age of say 13 she has been over 100 kilos (220 lbs) she is now approx 140 kilos (308 lbs) but medically I can't see the problem, health wise she is fine, no real complaints. Dare I say it, laziness is not a medical issue.

Whereas my nephew, we will call him Mr A, is probably the same weight as Ms M but has mild cerebral palsy, is a little mentally slower than the average and has aches and pains all over, not to mention his legs and he isn't referred through to the same. I would class him as requiring surgery. He doesn't quite get the dieting thing, mentally he just can't understand. He doesn't get it.

For example, I told him about his cousin being referred through his GP, I told him, you should talk to Ms M and find out who/where he can also go to be referred. He spoke to his GP (different from Ms M's) and he said, get the specialist name and I'll refer you.

A couple of days later his grandmother asks him, "Have you spoken to Ms M about the specialist?" His reply, "No I have to see her". What?

This is his mentality, he can't think to call her and ask, he has to catch public transport, probably the longest route to see her because he like public transport, so that he can ask who the specialist is that she is going to see.

He just doesn't get it.

You would be amazed at the crazy stuff that comes out of my family, maybe that can be part of my challenge to post twice a day, like a cleansing or a believe it or not I guess you will just have to wait and see.

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Polar's Mom said...

Wow, that is tragic that your nephew has a harder time getting surgery lined up, when I would think he would take precedence over just about any other complicating medical condition.

Whereas it sounds like your niece is getting the surgery as a pre-wedding diet.

I'm sorry you have to sit by and not get enraged in front of them all. Ugh.

Polar's Mom