Monday, September 20, 2010

I don't really have a title for tonight so I will just give you what I can about todays food so far.

I'm still at work so not had dinner as yet, 10.5 hours down and 30 minutes until I can leave the chain, I mean desk behind.......

Monday 20/9/10
  • 1 Coffee = 54 calories
    1 glass of water 250 mls = 0 calories
  • 1 granny smith apple = 80 calories
  • 1 muffin size roasted vegie tart = 200 calories
  • 1 serve of minstrone soup = 162 calories
  • 150 grams watermelon = 34 calories
  • 4 strawberries = 23 calories
  • 3 coffee's = 162 calories
  • Total so far = 715 calories

I'm planning on eating something I had made from yesterdays photos, maybe a bit of soup and a smaller piece of the tart. I'll have to check if there is anything else I can throw together when I get home. I'm sure 'the husband' will have cooked his rump steak and chips, then left the mess for me to clean up.

I got a call from the niece last night Ms M, it appears that the surgeon she was referred to for the lap banding doesn't actually do this procedure, so therefore she is back to square one of having to probably pay for it. Apparently with her health insurance she will get away with having to pay only $3500 for the full surgery. Not bad compared to some other countries where the cost is astranomical. I have tried to give her some advise again about going it alone with diet and exercise but I think still she wants the 'easy' way, the 'magic' pill so to speak.

But then that also leave Mr A with the same problem now that we can't get him referred to the same surgeon, he is on a pension for disablity so he really can't afford to pay and he doesn't have private health insurance being on a pension. Although in saying that, the cost to pay out of pocket here is only about $7000, again still smaller than allot of places.

So that's where that story will end off for now.

Well about to sign off for work for tonight, see you tomorrow ;)

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