Sunday, September 05, 2010

A funny thing

This morning I got up as per usual quite early. Instead of turning the television, I came down to the computer to check on all my bloggy freinds.

After about an hour I decided that I needed some breakfast and looked into the lounge room. There on the couch was a little teddy bear? Where has this come from I wondered, vaguely recalling seeing this before many years ago? It seemed that Humphrey was playing with it. Then I hear it.......................

Fuck U
Your an asshole
Fucking Jerk
Eat Shit

He has found the swearing bear!

It all came back to me now, I remember buying this bear out of one of those book club boxes that come around to your work. I had never seen one before and thought Daz would get a kick out of it. I don't know where its been and now that Humphrey feels he owns it I don't think I want to know where he has had it.


Kristy said...

Too funny...

Chelle said...

ROFL!!! That's awesome.