Friday, September 24, 2010

Update from ICU

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, it was a little hectic to say the least. Today will be much of the same as I have pre-admission with 'the husband' at a hospital in the city and mum in ICU in the burbs. Can't even imagine how I will stretch myself on Monday and Tuesday, when they are both in hospital.

So I called the hospital in the morning as I have probably told you. She had a hard night with the breathing and they were growing little gremlins in her urine and blood. This is what I txt to everyone who needed to know. I went into work and was quickly ushered out and sent on my way to the hospital. When I arrived my brother was there, he looked stressed. When I looked at mum I could see why. They had put in a breathing tube and placed her into a induced coma. I hadn't told him, I didn't know. The plan is to keep her in the coma for a few days.

She has a really bad pneumonia, her left lung is almost full. Funny this because the doctor the day before hadn't heard anything in her breathing, neither had the nurse at the hospital! Either way she is now getting the best care and under constant supervision in ICU.

I had to sign a consent last night for a central line last night, she had one of these last time but it took 2 tries, she has really bad veins so they had to keep changing her lines every couple of hours so this is the best for her, so there is no news as such from the hospital this morning. Just waiting for the doctors to do their rounds and make a plan for today

I'm thinking I might merge my 2 blogs, this one and this one. It just will make it easier to blog once instead of finding something to say in 2. So you may find that not only do I talk about my weight loss journey I will talk about the progress of our embryo adoption and our upcoming trip to America to see that dream through, hence the change in name from Walking (exercise ref) to Dreaming of where I want to be.....


Kristy said...

I hope your mum gets better soon Sue.

Combining the two blogs will be a good idea :P Then I can keep up to date where you are at :)

I am thinking of you Sue

Chelle said...

Sue I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I pray that she pulls through. That is so scary. You are definitely on my mind, and in my heart heart and prayers. Same goes with your husband.

I wanted you to know I was thinking about you the last two days, and how you were frustrated with the lack of weight loss. I wanted to tell you that as long as you keep it up, the weight will come off. Remember that when you exercise, it isn't only about burning the calories in the moment, but also increasing your meatoblism, which will help burn calories long after you are done exercising. Not only that, but my husband always tells me muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are exercising, you might not see the scale go down initially because you are building up muscle mass that will replace the fat lost. He always tells me to guage my weight loss by how my clothes fit moreso than what the scale reads. If you keep those two things in mind, it might help you feel less frustrated in the beginning.

Thinkg of you.


Polar's Mom said...

I am SO pulling for your Mom. I know how stressful just being in the ICU is for the family. Hopefully in the induced coma your mom can get the rest she needs to fight her infection. Keeping fingers and toes crossed...

Polar's Mom