Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tired but not completely out

Thanks guys for my encouragement, I am probably weighing myself too much which is a problem I have always had.

Today was a long day although it was actually shorter than normal as I only worked a normal 8 hours instead of the 11 that I have been doing. Even still I feel really tired. But no rest for the wicked as I will be doing my 11 hour days for tomorrow and the next day.

I haven't a great deal to say tonight, I think I just need a good nights sleep to be really refreshed.

Food today consisted of: 4 coffees = 208 calories, 1 serve of minestrone soup = 162 calories, 1 roasted veggie tart muffin size = 200 calories, watermelon and strawberries = 59 calories, pretend mashed potato, 1/2 cup corn, 100grams breaded chicken = 300 calories

Here's a picture of our Humphrey laughing at YOU
I call him the laughing assassin


Allan said...

Dog is adorable. Glad you are better..

Chelle said...

There are way too many nights where my scale and I are not friends. I even tell it as much. Usually it gets flipped the bird and told off. I hate how it seems like no matter what we do, our weight doesn't budge. It is so frustrating. Grrr!

The important thing is to keep at it, even when you're frustrated. It will budge eventually if you keep it up.

Polar's Mom said...

Awh, love that Humphrey! Looks like a big softy!

As for your frequent weighing, if I had a good scale in my house I'm be on it every morning. But with my water fluctuations I would go insane pretty quick. I think once a week or every two weeks is just enough to keep me honest and on the losing path...

Polar's Mom

Kristy said...

Cute, so cute lol

Does ne require much grooming?