Sunday, September 26, 2010

News today

Well 'the husbands' birthday went well last night, everyone loved the Indian even though they bitched about it at first being to expensive, probably helped that I didn't ask anyone to pay for what I brought. Love that curry...

Anyway, news today from the hospital phone call is that they have moved mum into coronary care as her heart rate has been rapid for no apparent reason. The ICU ward was short staffed so she was moved. Apparently now she has her own room which could be good I guess. I will go in and see her soon, after I get some stuff done here.

I also have to get a bag ready for 'the husbands' trip into the hospital. Brought a bucket load of music mags for him. He is so anxious about his operation, he knew there would be a tube going through this groin but when told there would be 3 and 1 to the neck, his anxiety went through the roof. He can't stand to be in the same room as its being discussed which of course it was last night between his mother, sister and myself. Probably didn't help that we were talking about funeral funds and what each of us wanted for our service. Come on, we are all aging, some more gracefully as other but all the same the numbers are going up.

Food wise, well that's on hold for the moment, not that it means I will be eating shit, it just means that I am finally off the scales for the week until life gets back to normal which should be in about a month maybe, by the time mum's released from hospital.

That's it from me, off to wash some dishes, do some ironing and general tidy before doing soem shopping and visiting mum for the rest of the day.

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