Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 5 of the Klein

Saturday 18/9/10

Today I had such high hopes for the day.

I had planned to go to our first ever farmers market near home.

I thought it could go 2 ways.
One be the best ever as its the first or second really crap.
Which do you think it was? OK so the first sentence probably gave it away.......

There was allot of cars there, parking was crazy. I parked in a side street and as I started to walk there it was beginning to rain, just light but there was wet stuff coming from the sky.
You would have thought the people leaving empty handed would have given me a clue. NOPE

What was the first thing I saw?

Free camel rides

Then I took a picture of the picturesque lake

That's where the good ended.

The 'farmers market' consisted of about 7 tents, all selling something not really resembling anything like a farmers market. OK maybe there were 2 out of the 7 that had something I wanted. I did buy some un-homogenized milk for 'the husband' and there was a vegetable stall however I didn't buy anything from them. I think I have turned into a 'farmers market' snob. Their vegetables didn't look anything like the vegetables I saw at my first farmers market. They also looked very clean?? Now this may seem odd but they aren't meant to be going through commercial cleaning process before being sold but the Pontiac potatoes looked like they had come straight out of a Woolworths shopping bag. The vegies looked like the vegies at the supermarket, small.

I left with my milk and that's about it. Very disappointed to say the least.

Now onto food, again disappointed.

However who can I blame?

Of course not me.

I went to pick up mum today for our normal shopping trip where we do some shopping, have some lunch at Subway, but not today, she hasn't been feeling well, a little like Christmas where she almost died from the infection (still a little worried tonight that I might need to take her to the hospital). But on the way back to my place to watch some DVD's she mentioned that she wanted to stop at the pie shop. Not just any pie shop but the bakery who sells their seconds discounted. Well I got 'the husband' some gourmet meat pies and ended up buying some spinach and ricotta sausage rolls. You know where this is heading don't you??

Food today: 18/9/10

  • 2 coffee's = 108 calories
  • spinach and ricotta sausage roll = 380 calories
  • 2 cans Pepsi Max = 0 calories
  • dinner is going to be oven baked chicken pieces = ? calories
  • Microwave sticky date pudding, only small but packed a punch = 311 calories and a little lite icecream
Don't want to total my calories today, don't worry my head is not in the sand or up my arse, I know what I have done today will ill effect me on the scales.......

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