Saturday, September 25, 2010

She's awake!

OK, very exciting, Mum's awake.

They turned off the sedation this morning and as she tolerated the tube they left her awake. By the time I got there, they had taken out the tube and the first things she said - "its the boring in here" I couldn't believe it but it was closely followed by "I want a drink but they won't let me, do you have something in your bag?" Like I want to be kicked out for not following the rules.

It was great to see her back in the world of the living.

It's 'the husbands' birthday today, so had his mum, sister, our niece and her family over. Indian food was requested by 'the husband' and Indian he got. It was beautiful as usual.

Went back the hospital, was a little worried as mum seemed confused which she wasn't in the morning when I was there. Also her heart rate has been funny since waking up, so they are now watching that closely.

Can only hope that she will be much better tomorrow when I get there. Thinking that there will be a few visitors now that they all know that she's awake. Might be standing room only, but of course being the baby of the family, I am the one there first and always the last to say good night so my place will always be there.

Now, you could imagine since I have been all over the shop the last few days, my food intake is a bit all over the place as well however I am still trying to make good decisions on what I eat. I think I may have retained so water from eating carbs a bit, but once back at home for longer periods, hopefully that will look after its self.

Not much else to tell at this point, just very happy to have my mum back. Off to sleep now so that I can be up to go through it all again tomorrow.

Night all


Anonymous said...

Great to hear good news about your Mom. I hope she continues to improve quickly!

anne h said...

A day in the hospital is like a roller-coaster ride for sure!
Glad you are well.

Polar's Mom said...

Oh YAY, that is good news! Happy Birthday to your hubby. I would kill for some naan bread.

Polar's Mom