Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it selfish?

That I can't wait to have my life back. Its been less than a week and I really want it back.

'The husband' should be back home today, or I hope so anyway. That bloody hospital he is in is like a rabbit warren, all these bloody corridors going every bloody where, not a direct route to get there. Geez

He was in the hospital by 10am, fasted from about midnight, he could have fasted from 6.30am but he wasn't getting his butt out of bed before 6am just to have a coffee and wait around to 9am to go to the hospital. They took him from me at 12pm and should have been starting the surgery at 1pm, up and down I went for hours along with his mum and sister, that was painful, they wanted to save money on parking so parked on the street with 1 hours parking where they had to return every hour to put more money in the meter! Me, I just parked under the hospital, fully prepared to pay the $30 since I was going to be there for 8 hours anyway.

I missed the doctor come in to give him feedback because he had sent me on a mission to get him coffee and food. It seems I will be able to give him injections to stop any blood clotting in his legs. Joy for me really, how many times has he been able to give me injections for IVF *insert evil snicker here*

I want to be able to get over to see mum today as well, missed not seeing her yesterday. Its funny because I don't see her everyday when she is at home, I just hate to think of her stick in a hospital bed looking at blank walls. She doesn't want the TV on, I brought her a book but she doesn't have the energy to read it at the moment.

Is it selfish to want your life back? I'm running to a hospital all day long, sometimes twice in one day to the same hospital. Just some normalcy I would like I think.

The diet for me has been a work in progress, haven't weighed myself, some days I eat well some days I don't, I think it will work its self out soon, or at least I hope it will.


Lanie Painie said...

For now, this is your life. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hang in there!

Polar's Mom said...

Things will be back to normal soon, I think. And you will get to stick your husband all the time-BONUS! I think life spent with loved ones in hospitals is extra taxing because hospitals themselves are so damn uncomfortable. I liken it to having to be at a party with your boss for days straight-on your best behavior, being fully aware of everything, making sure you speak with everyone and make a good impression. Just my opinion...

Polar's Mom

Kristy said...

Not selfish at all, but I think all things considering you seem to be doing pretty well. That is tough that they aren't both in the same hospital.